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Whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey,
YOU are welcome HERE!

Staff and Leadership

Acting Pastor: Rev. Chris Mereschuk
Transitional Director of Children’s Church: Rev. Lindsey Peterson
Minister of Music: Jeff Olmsted
Moderator: Sam Icklan
Vice Moderator: Toby Davis
Clerk: Nancy Winningerl
Treasurer: Jo Cannon (treasurer@haydenvillechurch.org)

Board of Trustees
Karin McGowan (chair)
Diane Scott
Robert Davis
Laura T. Garcia
Carol Shaw
Jo Cannon, Treasurer

Shirley Sicurello (co-head deacon)
Carolyn DuBois (co-head deacon)
Heather King
Susan Farrell
Mariel Addis
Olivia Ilano Davis
Tobias Davis
Karen Browne-Courage
Trish LaFreniere
Cate Shaw
Philip Maurer
Ellen Tobiassen
Laine Wilder

Theologian-in-Residence: Rev. Dr. Peter Ives
Minister of Outreach, Advocacy and Pastoral Care: Rev. Yohah Ralph
Church Administrator:
Church Sexton: Kathy O’Connor
Human Resources Coordinator: Jim Foudy
Children’s & Family Ministries, Chair: Andrew Geery

Angel Take-out: Jennifer Clarson
Angel Wings, Coordinator: Nancy Winninger
Snow Angels, Green Angels, Coordinator: Jackie Cloonan
Angel Hearts: Bev Orluske, Nancy Winninger
Peace and Justice Steering Committee, Chair: Lisa Hall
Stewardship Committee, Chair: Bob Varnon
Music Committee, Chair: Susan Farrell
Church Scheduler: Sue Carbin, (scarbin1973@aol.com)
Interfaith Cot Shelter, Meal Coordinator: Linda Zeigenbein
Scripture Reader, Coordinator: Anne Pratt
Librarian: Laura Paul
Welcome Ministry, Chair: Shirley Sicurello
Head Ushers: Julie Salzman and Cindy Dolgoff
Head Greeters: Laurie Priest and Ann Loomis
Webmaster: Laura T. Garcia
CrossCurrents: Hannah Karpman and Katie Hull (Submissions: hccnews@haydenvillechurch.org)
Men’s Fellowship Chair & Church Communications: Jim Foudy
Keepers of the Keys: Bev Orluske, Nancy Winning

Lay Delegates
Ross Bassett
Jan Varnon
Bob Varnon

Church Council
Vice Moderator
Trustees, Chair
Diaconate, Chair
Stewardship, Chair
Music, Chair
Peace & Justice, Chair
Children’s & Family Ministries, Chair
Human Resource Coordinator