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Sermons (Page 3)

February 26, 2017 – Kindling

We have this incredible community, and we also need to work continuously on strengthening our community – – not only here in this church, but in the world beyond these walls. This requires us as individuals to discern and share our gifts. It requires that each one of us recognizes, affirms, nurtures, and supports each other’s gifts. And we must also include regular times of rest and renewal – – some peace, joy, and love to strengthen our hope. Otherwise, our fires will burn out.

February 5, 2017 – Recipe for Unity

Each one of us brings to this “household of faith” our individual flavors, our beliefs and unbeliefs, our expectations, and our gifts. Each one of us as individuals has a critical role to play, each one of us is a critical ingredient in this recipe for unity. We offer our gifts as individuals, but when we blend our individual gifts together, we create this larger thing. If you and your gifts were missing, this recipe just wouldn’t be the same.

January 29, 2017 – Holy Health, Wholly Health

Again, we wouldn’t lift these prayers if we did not think that God could make a difference. We know that’s the love of God’s people can and will make a difference in our healing. Yes, we go to the doctor for our diagnosis and treatment of our mind and our body. But we can go to our Beloved Community and turn to God for the healing of our heart and soul.

January 22, 2017 – For I am convinced

The God I know demands justice for the widow, orphan, and immigrant. I am on the march with that God. And my Jesus – – the Jesus I know who was brown-skin born to a young mother, was made a refugee by a murderous tyrant, sat with, ate with, walked with, cried with, healed the beaten up and beaten down; the Jesus who turned tables in the temple, the Jesus who blessed the poor, the broken, the lost and the least; arrested as a criminal and executed by the empire – – that’s my Jesus. I am on the march with that Jesus, and I will march with him all the way to the cross if I have to.