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Sermons (Page 3)

“Overwhelmed, Resurrected, Unbound” – – Rev. Mereschuk – – April 2, 2017

“Overwhelmed, Resurrected, Unbound” Rev. Chris Mereschuk John 11:1-44 Fifth Sunday of Lent + Communion Sunday April 2, 2017 As much as – – or maybe even more than – – any other topic lately, I have had a lot of conversations with people who are feeling perpetually overwhelmed and inadequate. They have taken on too much, they have over-promised, they are stretched…

March 12, 2017 – Second Sunday of Lent – Know-It-All

Do not be conformed to the singular perspective of your worldview, no matter how enlightened you believe yourself to be. Do not fool yourself into thinking you know it all. Even Nicodemus, the highly learned and well respected Pharisee, did not know it all. Even A.J. Jacobs, the man who read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, does not know it all – – but at least he has the humility to confess that he does not know it all, he can say unashamedly, “I don’t know.”

March 5, 2017 – First Sunday of Lent – Lay Your Burden Down

Repentance comes from the Greek word “Metanoia” – – it’s something like a turning. Turning away from one thing and toward another. We turn our hearts away from something that is causing us separation, shame, or pain, and we turn toward that which brings us connectedness, grace, and healing. Repentance breaks the cycle of sin-confess-sin-confess-repeat. If we are going to confess, then we also need to repent. Repentance calls us to change, and we know that it is not always easy to change. But if we are to lay our burdens down and walk away on a different path, then we must also repent.