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Sermons (Page 18)

February 1, 2016, A Conspiracy of Love Seeking Justice

Loving “the other,” as refugees, foreigners, exiles, and migrants are often viewed, is dangerous business. It was in Jesus’ time and it is still today… True Christian values include profoundly radical love, the extravagant welcome we try to express in this church, generous hospitality that is not time-limited, and living out the call to love one’s neighbor as oneself.

January 24, 2016, The Power of the Word

Unless we can counter with the real stories of liberation and love, fairness and compassion, inclusion and justice, we are reduced to standing idly by when the Bible is misused, misquoted, and used to bludgeon marginalized or targeted groups. We must counter the ways the Bible is used to mistreat, leave out, punish, and exploit. And we must counter with force and vigor all the ways the Bible is used to condone violence.