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Finding Joy in Times of Fear and Uncertainty

By Annie Turner — If you are at all like me, you are probably eating far too much, (“I NEED four cookies!”), maybe slipping in another glass of wine each night over your limit, doing retail therapy, and lying on the couch watching reruns of “Scrubs” or SNL. Sigh. Also spending far too much time on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and obsessively…

We have to be ready to show up and march again

By Lindsey Peterson  — People, women especially, gathered Jan. 21 to march. We held signs that said women’s rights are human rights, and no human is illegal, and build friendships not walls. We moved our bodies along the trails for the march, the path, chanting, “The people united will never be defeated.” We leaned on our friends’ shoulders when we were tired…

Pastor Andrea: A time to take hope and connect

This year the winter solstice, the beginning of Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve fall within days of each other. These days, celebrated around the world, all involve some invocation of light in the darkest time of the year, kindling a sense of hope and signaling a turning and new beginning. This year, as President-elect Trump prepares to move into the White…