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Jesus and the Tiny Donut Holes

From the blog of Annie Turner — We are in the run-up to Easter, and it always makes the hair on the nape of my neck stand up. It is so definitely not fun. I’m one of those people for whom saying even the Stations of the Cross is equivalent to getting a Root Canal done without Novocain. I just can’t do…

Counter Cultural Wisdom of Jesus, Rev. Peter Ives

Five years ago there was an article in the Boston Globe by Judy Foreman entitled, “Fighting isn’t how you deal with cancer.” She wrote the article for Senator Ted Kennedy on hearing the news about his brain tumor. “Everyone is going to say to you,” she wrote, “‘Fight, Ted, fight!’ You have to fight your cancer, but it’s the wrong image. The…

Waste Not! by Rev. Chris Mereschuk

Am I taking more than my share of the abundance? Am I leaving others with less than they need? Again, this is indirect, but I am certain that this practice will impact my consumer habits and choices, and could possibly lead me to greater advocacy and action concerning food security and food justice – – just as several of our church members and friends already do.