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Whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey,
YOU are welcome HERE!

Haydenville Church Choir

(S)he who sings prays twice! Our choir performs an anthem almost every Sunday. We sing a wide range of music: traditional hymns and contemporary songs, as well as music composed and arranged by our director Jeff Olmsted. We have no auditions! We rehearse Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm.

Talk to Jeff or any of our members about joining.

What they’re saying about singing – a few testimonials from choir members:

It’s very simple. I love to sing and, every Wednesday and Sunday for the past 11 years, I get to sing with a group I call family. The choir members come and go but the music and the sanctuary create a sacred place where, just like Sunday service, we shed our outer lives and enter a time of community through song. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hymn, pop, gospel or Jeff’s amazing compositions set to Rumi’s musings,we experience our divinity when we open our mouths and the joy falls out. – Susan Farrell

I stuck my worthiness issues in my back pocket and showed up for choir practice one Wednesday night. I’ve being going ever since. While a few members of the choir are very talented, most of us just love to sing. Singing together makes us better singers. Learning wonderful music and learning to sing harmony makes us better singers. Singing anthems for the congregation make us better singers. I’m still not entirely certain of my Christianity. But I am entirely certain that the fun, welcome, and joy I experience are God-given offerings manifested by the singers our little choir. So if, like me, you worry about not being good enough, stick that fear in your back pocket and join us some Wednesday night. You might be surprised. – Pat James

Joy, joy. I have almost unimaginable joy when I sing with the choir! A great gift ! – Ellen Tobiassen