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Announcements for the week of June 29, 2014

Haydenville Congregational Church

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1. Welcome Visitors!  If you are new to us, please fill out the colorful “strippy thing” tucked in your Bulletin to let us know you were here! These can be given to Pastors Andrea or Chris, placed in the offering plate. PLEASE CUT TO THE FRONT OF THE HUG LINE after Church.  We want to meet you, and the Hug Line can be over- whelming. Please come right up and cut in line and tell us who you are. Truly. We want you to do this. We want to meet you!

2. There is no Coffee Hour today, the church picnic begins right after worship! Outdoor Pool, Bounce House, Cotton Candy Machine, Sno-cones, and Popcorn Machine! This year’s ALL-CHURCH PICNIC will be carnival-ish! Today after our worship service, in Jil, Christine and Sayla’s backyard just up the road at            2 Laurel Road, Haydenville.

The next coffee hour is after the worship service on July 29: N, O, P, Q, R (the calendar goes by last name.)

3. Today is also BLUE MOON SUNDAY!!!! The Cathedral in the Night service will happen later in the day after our church picnic. We plan to take over any leftovers from our picnic to serve at dinner following the service. Cathedral in the Night is an ecumenical service held in front of First Churches on Main Street, Northampton every Sunday night. Many low-income, and homeless folks attend. Join us for the Cathedral in the Night service at 5:00 in front of First Churches in downtown Northampton and help serve dinner afterwards.

4. The FIRST THREE SUNDAYS in July our church will be closed (as we are every year) for maintenance projects and a major cleaning. Please see Karin McGowan if you can help with maintenance projects and/or painting.  Please see Kathy O’Connor if you can help with some special cleaning projects. We welcome your help during our closed weeks! We will reopen for worship on July 27 at 10 am.

5. Pastoral Coverage During July Please note that Pastor Andrea will be away from July 1 to July 27. During this period, she will be out of the country and will not be reachable. Pastor Chris will handle all pastoral care issues in July, continuing at his twenty hour per week level. If you need to meet with Pastor Chris, have an urgent issue or hospitalization, please contact him at (860) 966-8055 or by email at revcjm@gmail.com.

6. Outdoor Worship at Fitzgerald Lake is Sunday, July 13 at 10 am “A Lakeside Breakfast with Jesus.” While our sanctuary is closed, let’s worship in the beauty of Creation! Join Rev. Susannah Crolius and Pastor Chris at the Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area (Off North Farms Rd. in Florence) for this unique, creative, and participatory worship service. Together we’ll explore the story of Jesus serving breakfast to his disciples after his resurrection (John 21:1-14), as we enjoy some refreshments as well. We want this to be a collaborative, participatory worship, so if this scripture inspires you, and you’d like to contribute a reading, poem, or song to our worship, please contact Rev. Crolius (scrolius@gmail.com) or Pastor Chris (revcjm@gmail.com). We’ll meet in the Fitzgerald Lake parking lot at 10am, then determine our worship spot based on mobility needs. Remember to bring a folding chair and insect repellent. Hope to see you there!

7. Summertime Playgroup Needs You! Children’s Church ended on Sunday, June 8. We will continue to have supervised play through the months of June and August (the Church is closed in July). We need two adults each Sunday to sign up to play with the children, do crafts and/or have fun on the playground outside. The sign-up will be in the Church Dining Room. Please consider signing up with a friend or spouse for a Sunday this summer. This is a time our teachers can spend in worship and rejuvenate after spending many weeks upstairs. If you have any questions email Dawn Orluske at pafournier@earthlink.net. To a happy, safe and blessed summer!

8. Summer is a great time to try singing in the choir. Join the SUMMER CHOIR. We have no mid-week rehearsals, we just meet at 9:00 am on Sundays (July 27-Aug 31), and learn something quick and easy to sing that day., call Jeff Olmsted at 413-586-0165, or e-mail: jeffolmsted@verizon.net for more info.Midweek rehearsals resume in September on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

9. The Hidden Danger of Fragrances Please know that our Church continues to work on our commitment to reduce fragrances. The A2A Committee would be happy to discuss this with you – see Toby Davis. Thank you for helping to keep our faith community safe and welcoming!

10. Would you like to be a Greeter? Contact Jen Griswold 695.5909.  Like to be an Usher? Contact Darien Gardner 586.7697. Like to read Scripture? Contact Ruth Jacobson-Hardy 253.7959. We welcome your leadership! Also if you need to schedule the use of the Church Dining Room/

Kitchen or Sanctuary, please contact Church Scheduler Sue Carbin584.3314.

11. This week! ART & SOUL hosts a Community Conversation at The Forbes Library Community Room. On Monday, June 30th, 7-8:30 pm, Karen Blanchard,PhD, faculty at SIT who teaches courses on Forgiveness, will join Susannah in participative conversation on the subject of

Forgiveness. Yvette Jamuna Sirker will offer dramatic readings from Tutu’s book. Events are free…..

Watch for Art & Soul’s Forgiveness booth at the Northampton Farmer’s Market on July 29th!

CAN YOU HELP?  Art & Soul needs 1) your old magazines for collage pictures (for Baystate Healing Arts project) and 2) someone with a truck or SUV that can help transport 2 chairs (will be on the large side) to the Noho Farmer’s Market on the afternoon of July 29th.  Will pay for gas and time. Contact Susannah at scrolius@gmail.com or 413-348-2385. Thanks!

Also, the Republican just put out a nice story on The Forgiveness Project. Here is the link to the story:


12. Ladies Aid would like to invite you to the Ladies Aid Luncheon on August 21st at noon at the Blue Bonnet Diner on King Street, Northampton. The luncheon is an annual event to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and thank all of you who helped along the way! Tickets are available for $5/each. See Sylvia Fappiano

13. Thank you generous Church Family for your remarkable support of my friend (your new friend) Miguel who came to our Church last Sunday. As Miguel said in Church, he lives on the streets and sleeps in the woods.  You provided Miguel with a sleeping bag and tent (wow!!!) AND we raised $450 in cash on the “hug line” to give to him. He is very grateful, as am I, thank you, thank you so much! If you want to visit Miguel or take him any supplies or anything, you can find him most days standing with his sign in front of Haymarket Café in downtown Northampton.

14. I’m off! People have been asking me what I am up to in July and if I will “be around.” I will not be around in July. I am going to Scotland with Peter and Jenny Ives and two other friends to walk the West Highland Way. I will return at the end of the month and will lead worship on July 27th with Pastor Chris. Take good good care of your dear selves while we are apart. I will pray for you, I know you will also pray for me. Love, Pastor Andrea

15. Pastor Andrea is now planning the next round of Exploring Membership Classes. The classes involve four Sundays after church (one hour each) meeting with Pastor Chris and Pastor Andrea to talk about what it means to make a more formal commitment to the Church. Please let Pastor Andrea know if you are interested so she can plan whether the classes should begin in August or in September. We’ll see who signs up and folks’ availability.

16. Our Church is closed in July but your pledges are still needed! Bills still arrive! Please send your weekly Offering/Pledge in faithfully during July! Thank you!

17. Jen Matias lost a large white round salon hairbrush last Sunday in the dining room. She is anxious to find it as it was expensive. Please notify Jen if you have seen the brush.

18. May Peace Prevail on Earth.

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