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Announcements for the week of March 30, 2014

Haydenville Congregational Church
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As a welcoming congregation, all are encouraged to wear nametags!

1. FELLOWSHIP HOUR FOOD~~The following is the line-up for folks to bring goodies for Coffee Hour.  The calendar goes by last name. Thank you for contributing to our famous Coffee Hour after Church each Sunday.  When it is your week to bring food, you also help set up and clean up. Thank you! Today is BLUE MOON SUNDAY, NO COFFEE HOUR April 6: N, O, P, Q, R

2. Welcome Visitors!  If you are new to us, please fill out the colorful “strippy thing” tucked in your Bulletin to let us know you were here!  (These can be given to Pastors Andrea or Chris, placed in the Offering plate, or given to an Usher.)  IF you are NOT a newcomer, please recycle your strippy thing by placing it in the basket by the door to the Dining Room.

3. IF THIS IS YOUR 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time worshipping with us at the Haydenville Church, PLEASE CUT TO THE FRONT OF THE HUG LINE after Church.  We want to meet you, and the Hug Line can be somewhat overwhelming.  Please come right up and cut in line and tell us who you are.  Truly.  We WANT you to do this.  We want to meet you!

4. Our OCTOBER MOURNING performance is Friday, April 4 and we need help!  Anyone available to assist with parking?  That means you stand in our lot and direct people to park across the street when the lot is full.  We need parking czars!  Please see Andrea if you can help.

5. GAY DAY!  April 27th, bring family and friends!  Wonderful worship service!

Sunday at 10 AM to honor the members of the LGBT Community!

6. ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL meets every Sunday at 9:00 AM in the Church Dining Room.  All welcome.  Sunday School Leader: Pastor Andrea

7.  ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING~~the Special UCC Mission Offering collected every year during LENT will be gathered after Church TODAY.  Through ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING, lives are transformed through support that provides clean water, food, medicines, shelters, healthcare, education and disaster relief in the US and internationally.  In 2012, the OGHS offering reached $2,504,369.  And an additional $935,161 was received to support specific disaster efforts with one third designated to the Hurricane Sandy relief fund.  Check can be made payable to our church with “OGHS” in the memo line) to support this important special mission fund.  We thank you for your generosity, Andrea and Chris.

8.  Burgie Residents – Get your kitchen inspected and you can bake at home for church bake sales, including the upcoming Cookie Walk. Call the inspector, Valerie Bird, at 413-368-8404. She will look at your stove, oven, fridge, dishwasher and sink. It’s free since it’s for the church.


On Friday evening, April 11 from 5:30-7:30 we will reenact the Passover with our Youth Group and kids from Children’s Church! Come for an evening of stories about slavery and liberation and share a Passover feast.  Our own Kayla Gilman-Solomon will lead us through the evening and potluck.  Start thinking now about your matzo ball soup and charoset recipes! Questions?  Call Dawn Orluske at 320-1278

10. Second Quarter Fellowship Gatherings

Sunday, April 6, 1-3pm in the church dining room

Faith & Family: What role does faith play in your family unit? What was the role of faith in your family of origin? Let’s share our experiences, successes, and challenges with faith and family. Please Note: You need not have children or a partner to join this discussion.

Friday, May 16, Time & Location TBA

Coming Out As Christian: Do your friends and co-workers know that you attend church? If so, how have they responded? If not, is it something that you hide, that embarrasses you, or simply something that’s far too personal? Many of us struggle with the idea of “outing” ourselves as a person of faith – - not wanting the possible stigma or misconceptions that go along with that. Yet, we have some good news to share about our faith community. So, how do we tackle “Coming Out As Christian?”

Our Second Quarter Fellowship is a still-forming ministry for and by folks who consider themselves to be in the “second quarter” of life. Anyone who identifies with this description – - whether by chronological or experienced age – - is welcome to attend. Childcare is provided with a request for a donation to cover the cost. For more information, contact Toby Davis, Maggie Solis, Sarah Icklan, or Pastor Chris.

11. ”Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity 2″ DVD and discussion series will meet on Saturday, April 12 at 10 am in the HCC Dining Room.  Our topic is ”Out into the World: Challenges Facing Progressive Christians” and focuses on the concept that, “Inspired by fresh insights, progressive Christians can claim a distinctive voice by being in solidarity with the poor, countering the idolatry of wealth, practicing nonviolence, and by seeking  justice and inclusivity in a culture dominated by fear.”  Each monthly session stands alone and does not depend on the previous ones. Hope you can join us!   For more information, please see Jennifer Miller-Antill, jen@antill.org, or 268-3189.

12. Children’s Church Announcements

Pre-K-Kindergarten- Godly Play – Faces of Easter

1st- 2nd grades- Holy Moly- Feeding the 5,000

3rd-5th grades- Holy Moly- Feeding the 5,000

13. Crafts Saturday! Bring your craft project – knitting, crochet, sewing, painting, anything crafty – on Saturday, April 5th, 2-5pm and share an afternoon of crafting and fellowship in the Church Dining Room. Excellent lighting, great table space, fun and creative people! Musicians welcome, too – come sing, play, practice, get crafty with us! Everyone welcome! Questions? Contact Joanne at joannemorgan28@gmail.com or Maureen atfelinedvm@yahoo.com.

14. SAVE THE DATE!  ETHIOPIAN BENEFIT DINNER AND SILENT AUCTION OF ITEMS FROM AFRICA!  Friday, April 11, 6pm, First Congregational Church, Amherst.  You are invited to a feast of authentic vegetarian and meat Ethiopian dishes to raise funds for educational scholarships and income-generating opportunities for Ethiopian refugee youth and women. I traveled in September to Ethiopia and Kenya to be with this group of refugees whose community has been widely scattered due to government violence and land-grabbing and I am working with partners to support this group of people.  $10-20 sliding scale, but no one will be turned away. For reservations, please call Susannah, 413-348-2385 or emailscrolius@gmail.com.

15. Be a Classroom Helper! Youth in 6th grade and up can sign up to be classroom helpers on Sunday mornings in our Baby/Toddler Church and Children’s Church classrooms. Please contact Joanne at joannemorgan28@gmail.com or 857.389.2859 to sign up!

16.  The Hidden Danger of Fragrances~~Please know that our Church is continuing to work on our commitment to reduce fragrances in our Church so that we can be a safe, welcoming place to those with chemical sensitivities.  We have literature about why this is important (on the welcome table in the Dining Room) and members of the A2A Committee (Accessible to All) would be happy to discuss this with you…see Toby Davis.  Thank you!

Did you know that fragrances cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness to some members of our community?  Here are 5 steps you can take to make our church more welcoming for those of us with chemical sensitivities.
1) Do not wear perfume or cologne
2) Use unscented shampoo and conditioner
3) Use unscented laundry detergent and fabric softener
4) Use unscented lotions/moisturizer/deodorant
5) Do not smoke cigarettes right before church

Thank you for helping to keep our faith community welcoming and safe!

17. Choir Rehearsal~~The Choir Welcomes You!  Interested in singing?  Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7 PM.  Questions? Contact Jeff:413.586.0165, e-mail jeffolmsted@verizon.net

18. Fridays at Four Writing Group meets every Friday 3:30 – 5 PM, Church Dining Room

19. Would you like a gift of a Bible? Help yourself to a Bible from the Bible Basket by the Sanctuary door to the Dining Room.  A gift to you from Ladies Aid.

20. Pantry in Dining Room by Back Door~~Food in the pantry shelves by the back door is there for ANYONE to take home.  You do not need to be a Church member or even a regular attender to help yourself to food on those shelves.  Everyone is welcome…please fill a bag! The A2A committee has organized and labeled the pantry shelves.  Please place your donations in the appropriate spot so as to make it easier for people to find what they need. PLEASE NOTE: There will be a clipboard next to the pantry for people to write down their requests and for others to read them and respond.

21. Would you like to be a Greeter some Sunday?   Please contact Jen Griswold (413.695.5909).  Like to be an Usher?  Please contact Darien Gardner (413.586.7697).

Like to Read Scripture?  Please contact Ruthie Jacobson-Hardy (413.253.7959).

We welcome your leadership!

Also if you need to schedule the use of the Church Dining Room/Kitchen or Sanctuary, please contact Church Scheduler Sue Carbin (413.584.3314)

A CHURCH TRANSFORMED~~Our former Yale Divinity School Intern Jeannine Oakes made a film of our church called “A Church Transformed.”  We have DVDs of the film for you to borrow.  If you would like to “sign out” a copy to watch at home, please see Pastor Andrea.

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