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Announcements for the week of August 17, 2014

Haydenville Congregational Church

News, Calendar and Weekly Announcements

1. Welcome Visitors!  If you are new to us, please fill out the colorful “strippy thing” tucked in your Bulletin to let us know you were here! These can be given to Pastors Andrea or Chris, placed in the offering plate. PLEASE CUT TO THE FRONT OF THE HUG LINE after Church.  We want to meet you, and the Hug Line can be over- whelming. Please come right up and cut in line and tell us who you are. Truly. We want to meet you!

2. Fellowship Hour Food Here is the lineup for folks to bring goodies for Coffee Hour. Remember, no need to bring snacks during August! You only need to help set up the Coffee Hour goodies before Church and clean up (rinse dishes and fill the dishwasher, return dishes and glasses to cabinets and wipe down tables) at the end of Coffee Hour. Thank you!  Today:D, E, F; August 24: G, H, I, J, K  (the fellowship calendar goes by last names.)

3. August is a great time to sing in the choir! Join the SUMMER CHOIR, we have no mid-week rehearsals, we just meet at 9:00 am on Sundays (July 27-Aug 31), and learn something quick and easy to sing that day. Call Jeff Olmsted at 413-586-0165, or e-mail: jeffolmsted@verizon.net for more info. Midweek rehearsals resume in Sept. on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

4. Our annual Rally Day continental breakfast buffet celebration will happen on September 7th. For those of you new to HCC Rally Day is a celebration of our Church beginning again for the Fall (as well as the return of Children’s Church and Youth Group). The breakfast buffet will begin at 9:00, additional details to follow.

5. Haydenville Congregational Church Sermons-to-Go!  Listen to the Good News from Haydenville Congregational Church UCC on your iPod, mp3 Player, or on your computer! Podcasts are free, downloadable audio recordings. New “episodes” will be “posted” weekly. Presently, we are Podcasting our sermons, but future episodes could include special musical selections, bible studies, or other events. How Do I Listen? The Podcast episode can be downloaded to a portable mp3 player, or you can listen to it on your computer from the websites below. To find our Podcasts, you can go to http://haydenvilleucc.podbean.com/ or listen on our website: haydenvillechurch.org. If you use Apple’s iTunes music management program, open up the iTunes store and enter “Haydenville” in the search field. To download the iTunes program for free, visit: http://www.apple.com/itunes/. You can then “subscribe” to our Podcast, and episodes will be downloaded automatically! Contact Chris for more information!

6. All-Church Meeting After Worship The Trustees have announced that on August 24th, we will hold an important all-Church meeting after our worship service to discuss the Church’s current overall financial picture. Please plan on staying after Church on the 24th, we value your input and want you to be a part of the discussion!

7. The pantry shelves are becoming bare. We especially need peanut butter, tuna, sardines, marinara sauce, canned fruit, hearty soups, condiments and coffee.

8. On Sunday, August 31st, our Church will be serving dinner at the Cathedral in the Night worship service. Cathedral in the Night is an ecumenical service held in front of First Churches on Main Street, Northampton every Sunday night. Many low-income, and homeless attend.Make sandwiches for the dinner following the morning worship service on the August 31st and join us for the Cathedral in the Night service at 5:00 in front of First Churches and help serve dinner afterwards.

9. Help finish a new accessible trail along the Fort River in Hadley Join us on Sunday, August 31st after church to help with trail work for a new, handicapped-accessible trail that covers about 1.2 miles along the Fort River off Moody Bridge Road. Though only about a mile off Route 9, it feels as though it is secluded and natural, miles from developed malls and highways. This trail is scheduled to open in October. Be one of the first people to enjoy it. Wear clothes for working outside and bring gloves. Meet after church, or meet at the site, 69 Moody Bridge Rd in Hadley. We’ll be working from 12:30 until 2:30. Contact Joanne Morgan for more information – (857) 389-2859 or joannemorgan28@gmail.com.

10. Come Get Blessed! Sunday, September 7-Rally Day!
Pastor Chris will be offering a special ‘Blessing of the Backpacks’ during our worship service! Students of any age are encouraged to bring objects that will help them transition into the new year–stuffed animals, blankets, journals, computers, and of course backpacks! Let’s start our school year with the power of God’s blessing!

11. PLAY PIANO NOW! Can you learn to play a famous melody on the piano in five minutes? Jeff Olmsted has several children and adults from our community taking piano classes with him. He will be giving a presentation about the Simply Music method after church on Rally Day (Sept. 7) and again on September 21 at noon in the sanctuary. The presentation lasts about 45 minutes, and is suitable for children and adults.

12. Fall Directory~In the Works!  We want the new Directory coming out in September to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Are you not included and should be? Was your information incorrect in the last Directory? Have you moved? Do you want your partner listed with your name? Any and all changes should be given in writing to Richard Spencer ASAP. Thanks for helping us make this Directory complete and correct!

13. Read. Pray. Don’t Eat. Whoops! We announced that folks could bring a bag lunch and eat during our new Haydenville Church Book Group co-led by Pastor Andrea and Rev. Peter Ives, but that was a false rumor. We can read, meet, and pray, but we cannot eat! We’ll gather the first Wednesday of every month beginning September 3, 2014. The sessions will be held from 12:45 to 2 PM in the Watson Room, Forbes Library, Northampton. The first book we are reading is Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner and Saint by Nadia Bolz-Weber. Need more information? See Andrea or Peter

14. New Support Group Forming for Pastors, Therapists and Nurses in our Church Family. Pastor Andrea is organizing a special support group for folks in our Church involved in these “giving” professions. If you are a working or retired pastor, therapist or nurse and would like to join this support group, please come to our first meeting-we’ll discuss how often we would like to meet and how we would like to structure the group. Thursday, August 21 at 6:30 PM in the Church Dining Room.

15. New Office Hours in a New Location! Pastor Andrea is holding “office hours” outside her office! Find her every Thursday in the café section of Sylvester’s Restaurant (come in main door, turn right). Pastor Andrea is there at a table from 9:30 to 11 AM every Thursday morning. Drop by to say hello, she’ll happily buy you a cup of coffee. And yes (if you want) we’ll even pray! See you at Sylvester’s!

16. Exploring Membership Class Series A new series (of four classes) will begin today for those interested in talking about their spiritual journeys, the United Church of Christ, the Haydenville Congregational Church, and what it means to be a formal member of the Church.   Join us today for lively discussion and deep sharing.

17. Bible Study for Beginners! Pastor Andrea will hold a six-week Bible Study Course for those who scratch their heads with wonder when asked: who wrote the Bible and when? Why do we call the Old Testament the Hebrew Scriptures? What is the Apocrypha? What are the Epistles? If you find the Bible baffling, this course may be for you.

We’ll look at the “sweep of the Bible” from Genesis to Revelation. All questions honored. Welcoming, basic and fun. The less you know, the more you’ll learn! Classes will be held Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:45 PM in the Church Dining Room beginning on September 10th.

18. Sean and Amy McElligott invite you to a little reception to celebrate Ella’s Baptism today during Coffee Hour in the Dining Room. Please find them in the far couch corner and come by, tickle Ella’s toes, say hello to the family and enjoy some special goodies!

19. Ride Needed TODAY!  Someone in our Church Family is staying after Church today to participate in the “Exploring Membership” class that follows our worship service. She lives in South Hadley and will need a ride back home after the class is over (at 12:45 PM). Anyone willing to hang out after Church and drive this person home?  We would appreciate it so much. If you can do this, please see Pastor Andrea.

20. BAPTISM BY IMMERSION~We are delighted to announce that Susan Sachs will be baptized by full immersion in the Mill River on Saturday, Sept. 6th at 10 AM. The congregation is not only invited but needed to stand on the banks and sing to Susan and bless her. (Wear bug repellant!) To find us: park on/near the corner of Washington St. and James Ave. (across from Autumn Inn, down the street) in Northampton. Walk down the path to the river that is right at that corner. We will have “greeters” to welcome you and point the way. (All ordained clergy in our Church are invited to wade into the water with Pastor Andrea and bless Susan when she rises from the third dunk!). Everyone is invited to a reception following the baptism at the home of Gloria Ayvazian, 3 James Ave.

21. Pastor Peter Ives and Pastor Andrea will be on the Bill Newman Show (hosted that day by Peter Bigwood) to talk about their pilgrimage walking the West Highland Way in Scotland on Wed, Aug. 20th from 9:30 to 10:00 AM. Tune in to WHMP and hear some wild and wonderful stories!

22. Melissa Brown is looking for someone to do childcare (which is a paid position) while she goes back to work.  The care is for little Ava and possibly after school for an hour for Aidan depending on Melissa’s work schedule. If you are interested, please contact Melissa at melissabrown1027@aol.com

23. Office hours for Margie Serkin, our Church Bookkeeper/Secretary, are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1- 6:00 pm.

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