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Whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey,
YOU are welcome HERE!

Covenant of Right Relations

Living the Welcome:
A Covenant of Right Relationships
for Haydenville Congregational Church

Haydenville Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, is a dynamic, growing, diverse and welcoming faith community. We are on a journey together to experience who God and Jesus are for us and our World. We are deeply committed to love, service, justice, peace, and care of the Earth.”1

With God’s help, we vow to be intentional and courageous about living our radical welcome of people who are on all parts of life’s journey. As exemplified by our brother and teacher Jesus, we will welcome the voices, presence and power of every person, especially those who have been defined as “other,” pushed to the margins, excluded, silenced and closeted; and we will joyfully embrace our identity as a Spirit-filled, justice-seeking, peace-loving, LGBQT*-affirming, anti-racist, child-centered, song-filled, ever-thankful, stubbornly-hopeful Beloved Community.

We further vow to:

• Respect the freedom and dignity of every human being;
• Honor and welcome diverse viewpoints, life experiences and cultures, and
recognize our growing diversity as a source of our strength;
• Honor the legacy of our Church Saints while showing gratitude for the gifts of
current members and recognizing the promise of new members;
• Listen with an open heart and an open mind;
• Speak respectfully and compassionately of those present and not present;
• Explore and accept responsibility in conflict through personal reflection,
actively listening to understand others’ perspectives, experiences, and feelings,
suspending judgment, finding common ground, and seeking creative nonviolent solutions;
• Forgive and accept forgiveness;
• Ask for help when needed and give help as able;
• Show gratitude.

We Covenant with the Lord and with one another, and bind ourselves in the presence of God to walk together in God’s holy ways. We will strive to be doers of the Word and not hearers only, to be firm in faith, quickened in hope, and constant in charity, and we will hold our time, talent, substance and influence as trusts from God to be devoted to God’s service.2

* including the entire spectrum of gender and sexuality, regardless of whether a label presently exists.
1 From HCC Constitution
2 From HCC Constitution
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